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If you have ever experienced anxiety or depression, we haven’t learned how to drop into our feelings. We hold the it in our minds and think them out but ignore or avoid feeling the feelings that continuously show up more intensely over time. We then develop a habit of negative thoughts that show up over and over again and that can be tremendously exhausting and draining.

We don’t listen to the feelings and find other ways to approach the current mental wheel of thoughts that have taken so much of your power away. Our internal dialogue is an opportunity to find our strength and courage to discover what is beneath the anxiety and depression because what we might actually find is a greater, loving, empowering truth about ourselves that only can be discovered through the work with our heart.

The eight components to the first 3 months:

  1. Holistic and spiritual view of anxiety
  2. Developing and working with your spiritual beliefs and principles
  3. Meditation practice
  4. Chakras healing meditation and movement
  5. Lotus approach to healing thoughts and beliefs
  6. Developing a meditation practice with Angels as guides of unconditional love and healing
  7. Self-nurturing and self-love as part of healing process
  8. Sacred ritual for healing the Heart-Despacho

Freeing the Heart from Anxiety needs us to be aware of our thoughts and beliefs so that when we become aware of our thoughts we know what is hurting us and disempowering us. When we become aware of thoughts that love us and support us and those that hurt us, as we move deeper into our heart, we may discover memories that are emotionally charged and are in need of healing and compassionate permission to be acknowledged. Releasing and healing these memories of past experiences helps us to listen and be present with our true authentic heart from a place of empowerment, unconditional love, and compassion for oneself.

However, the work of the heart is more than healing the thoughts and emotions. It’s also working with the energy from an invisible field of matter that is called “etheric and auric fields” of energy. Sometimes before you see the results on the physical, mental, and emotional level, the work is happening on the other fields of consciousness so that it’s also healing taking place at much deeper levels. The work I consider nonverbal and energetic. Learning to trust and continue to develop, shift, and expand your energy through meditation, your spiritual connections, and with mandala art from a tribe of individuals who will support your work shifts everything into higher positive healing vibrational energy.

The next 3 months of the program:

  1. The authentic self vs. the conditioned self
  2. Breakthrough method for anxiety
  3. Working with your villain (shadow self) and the Superhero within
  4. Holistic approach to trauma healing
  5. Healing and transforming with the Goddess within
  6. Divining deeper with chakra mandalas for healing and transformation

Freeing the Heart from Anxiety has many other benefits such as developing awareness of the thoughts that block you, going deeper to release the memories that block your energy so that you can heal.  Healing your heart at a soul level will also increase your positive energy to raise your energetic vibration so that you no longer allow for anxiety and old wounds to block your way forward but also be open to new perspective and solutions to old problems, more creativity, motivation to follow your life purpose. 

The heart work opens the door to authentic connection to your own spiritual and intuitive ability and you become the hero/heroine of your own journey. The Heart Way in the world is living authentically in who you are. Giving yourself the space to bring on whatever is inside you out with unconditional love, compassion, and support that will bring many new opportunities  in love, relationship, parenting, and career because you are not limiting and blocking what you are desiring and imaging your life to be.

You are allowing happiness and joy in. This not about not having challenges and not feeling sadness, anger, or grief. These are the things that can provide the opportunity to know what we DON’T want so that we move into what we DO want with loving compassion. 


I came into the practice of meditation after experiencing anxiety attacks in college and continued to expand my meditation practice as a part of my life long process. I have always been open and sensitive to energy so learning meditation has been essential to staying grounded and centered in my physical body. 

Because meditation transformed my life at deeper levels, working in a group for over a decade, and then bringing it into my clinical work with clients and groups, I now have created a program where you can learn to meditate and participate with me and a tribe of individuals who are seeking to learn, ground, heal, and transform their lives. 

If you have already learned to meditate but was challenged to do it on your own you will be able to feel more motivated and connected to do it virtually with others in a container of loving supportive and protective energy.


We need to recognize how we play the same tune in our heads over and over again and create a pattern of thinking and states of feeling that we get stuck in giving power to but once we see and observe it, it is a choice to move into our happy thoughts, clear decisions, and leaving the past behind. We need to begin thinking in higher vibrational thoughts and feeling states even when the feelings and thoughts say otherwise, learning to be in the new thoughts and feelings by healing and releasing the past. We can do both.  

We are conditioned to only trust our left hemisphere process and our feelings cannot be trusted, to work to attain careers that others deem successful, to be and do what others think you should do and that life has to be hard to get what you desire. I believe we are here to live through our Heart Way what is unique and different within each one of us and identify our unique vibration that shows up in the things we are passionate about, that vibrates higher when we are passionate and love what we do. And when are thinking in this way, our thoughts and feelings vibrate higher then we manifest and contribute in higher levels of vibration within our family, community, and world. Our work is to get to know who we are, our hearts capacity, and expand into more of what we love as our mind supports and facilitates how to do it!

Unfortunately, anxiety, stress, depression, and trauma keep us from listening to our hearts. We have to learn to get out of our own way and heal the what blocks our energy from moving higher. We are hear to awaken the heart within through awareness and healing of our thoughts and feelings, infusing art into your life, and cultivating a spiritual connection with our spiritual guides and a meditation practice that can lead us into awakening our spiritual gifts.

I want to share with you how you can free your heart from anxiety. How you can become aware of what your heart is telling you and how to release the hurt and pain from past experiences. Healing these memories helps us to listen and be present with our true authentic heart and put you in a place of empowerment, unconditional love, and compassion for yourself.

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