When we learn to connect with one’s own spiritual resources, identifying and building new thoughts that support rather than criticize or judge and, becoming self-aware of the feelings that show up in the moment we can move toward our dreams.  Connecting with our authentic self means connecting to the feelings that rise up to help us begin to heal the old wounds of the past as stored memories in the body that keeps us feeling unsafe, anxious or depressed blocking our way forward towards our goals. We begin to free up energy that we didn’t know we had towards our joy, love, purpose, inspiration, and creativity.

Ready to improve your life? Ready to BE your authentic self?

When we allow the heart to guide one’s path and the mind to follow by providing insight, knowledge, structure and organization to what your heart wants to bring forward we are aligning to what has meaning and purpose in our lives.

Here in the west, we value and trust our minds more than our hearts. Our society has developed in a way of trusting our left mode/hemisphere of thinking that is efficient, well organized, structured, and logical. This left mode of thinking has been beneficial for the growth of our society and advancements in science and technology. However, left mode/hemisphere of our brain also has an either/or perspective and when the left is not well connected to the right hemisphere of emotions, betweenness, and relatedness we begin to see the world black or white, shaping the world and how we move through things according to mechanical rules of production, completing tasks, and achievements. We need to retrain our minds to work with integrating and aligning with the right mode/hemisphere the heart to clear and heal old wounds so that we can begin listening and trusting unblocking energy held in the past and move towards our goals. We all have our own unique distinguishable and identifiable heart that is wanting to share its true nature, happiness, joy, and beauty so that we may live resonating with our authentic and unique being and purpose in the world.

Here are activities/themes we will work on:

  1. A Holistic and Spiritual View of Anxiety and Depression
  2. The Authentic Self & the Conditioned Self
  3. Setting Goals & Intentions
  4. Spiritual Biography
  5. Building a Spiritual Connection
  6. Building a Meditation Practice
  7. Lotus Approach to Healing Thoughts and Beliefs (journaling/painting)
  8. Transforming False Beliefs
  9. Self-Nurturing & Self Love as Part of Healing Process
  10. Building Emotional Boundaries
  11. Sacred Ritual for Healing the Heart and Manifesting Dreams-Despacho and/or Dream Board
  12. Break Through Method for Anxiety
  13. Holistic Approach to Trauma Healing

If you have experienced anxiety or depression at times, you haven’t learned how to drop into your feelings because it hasn’t felt safe enough to look deeper within. We hold emotions in our body while our minds are either ruminating, ignoring, or avoiding the feelings that continuously show up more intensely over time. We develop a habit of negative thoughts that show up over and over again that can be tremendously exhausting and draining that reinforce our old wounds which is called, “the conditioned self”.  These negative thoughts and beliefs block our ability to move forward into our dreams, well-being, creativity, and goals. Listening to our internal dialogue and feelings is an opportunity to build our courage to discover what is beneath the anxiety and depression because what we might actually find is a greater, loving, empowering truth about ourselves that only can be discovered once we look inside. As we continue to uncover what has been holding us back, we begin to build our confidence, resiliency, and strength to a safer ground of a trusting foundation that move us towards our dreams. 

Freeing the Authentic Heart from Anxiety Coaching brings our awareness to the thoughts and beliefs that are hurting us and disempowering us so that we can STOP and begin to develop thoughts that love us, support us, and empower us to continue to move towards our goals. We begin to move with loving respect for ourselves while healing and transforming what has held us back towards what has meaning and purpose. You will discover memories that are emotionally charged that are in need of compassionate permission to be acknowledged and healed with great care, safety, and sensitivity.  Releasing and healing these memories will help us develop self-care, our intuition, increase our value and self-worth, speak from the voice of our true authentic heart that is empowering, unconditionally loving and compassionate for self as we reach for our goals.  

Who does this coaching process benefit?

  • This coaching process is for individuals who feel stuck or blocked towards moving into joy, their goals, and dreams. Whether it is your career, starting a new business, a creative project, being a better parent, or just improving your mental/emotional health this coaching process can work for you to work towards your goals and intentions weekly.
  • Individuals who experience anxiety or depression tried therapy and medication but felt it didn’t help or just didn’t feel it was the right approach for them.
  • Individuals who want to enhance their current work with therapy to include meditation, cultivate a spiritual and energy healing approach.
  • If you are looking for personal growth and transformation and are committed to do the work.
  • If you are ready to open up emotionally, healing old wounds to unblock energies held inside the body and mind.
  • If you believe in a spiritual self, connecting with spiritual guidance that can support the healing that also provides protection and safety this coaching process would benefit you and help you transform your conditioned self and open up to your authentic self.
  • If you are willing to be courageous in the face of fear and being uncomfortable as we move through difficulty than taking steps towards this coaching process can support your work.

I want to share with you how you can free your heart from anxiety. How you can become aware of what your heart is telling you and how to release the hurt and pain from past experiences. Healing these memories helps us to listen and be present with our true authentic heart and put you in a place of empowerment, unconditional love, and compassion for yourself.

Are you ready to CHANGE your life NOW?

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