Coaching and Counseling

Our goal is to provide a holistic and heart-based approach to emotional and mental well-being for both children and adults. We provide counseling services for adults, children, and adolescents. We offer insight into the mind-body connection through our introductory meditation classes and series (teens & adults) and through our spiritual counseling services. 

For Children and Teens:

Child Therapy

Children learn, express feelings, and work out issues through play. We specialize in Sand Tray therapy, which is a medium used to provide a safe container for feelings and experiences that words cannot express. 

Aligning the Mind and Heart with ART!

Children’s nervous system needs to build resiliency and learn to work with stress, the things in life they can’t control, and learn to work with the things they can.

Meditation for Adults:

Individual Meditation

This  meditation is a blend of Buddhism and Taoism practice focused on a Heart Centered Practice. Join me for one-on-one meditation to learn more about my practice.

Meditation & Art Group for Adults

If you are looking for a meditation and art group for adults, there will be a new group forming for January 2023! This group will be 2 ½ hours one Saturday a month.

Meditation Groups

Meditation benefits our mind & bodies in numerous ways. Our center teaches introductory classes to meditation and offers meditation group series for both adults and teens throughout the year.

Spiritual Healing:

Soul Healing Workshops

Divine healing workshops to empower your soul purpose and sacred life path.
Explore Your Soul Connections 

Spiritual Counseling

If you are looking for counseling and guidance from a spiritual perspective that can help shift your life physically, mentally, and emotionally, this type of session is for you!

An Ocean of Emotion for ages 6-10

An 8-week Emotion and Social Group for Kids. Children can learn that emotions need to be recognized, that emotions need to be heard by listening to our inside self, noticing and sensing the emotions which can lead to calming and soothing themselves.

Healing comes when we choose to walk away from darkness and
move towards a Brighter Light.
-Dieter F. Uchtdorf

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