Come gather with us on April 27th for a Cacao and Hapé Meditation Circle

This meditation circle with ceremonial cacao and rapé/hapé will be supportive healing elements to open our heart center, connect with our inner self and with one another in the community, often results in deeper, more intimate connection with ourselves and each other. The setting is in a sacred meditation space where we will use sound healing and music to enhance the experience that can be profoundly relaxing, supportive, and healing. 

Ceremonial Cacao is inviting and a wonderful routine for self-care and self-renewal that keeps us centered, connected to our hearts, and living in a good way.  The process of working with cacao begins with a respectful and reverential approach to this plant, its ancient traditions and people, and all those who care for the land and farming of this plant.

Gathering together to drink cacao can create healing, connection and inspiration. Engaging with chocolate as a ritual has direct positive impact on our individual well-being as well as our global ecosystem.

Rapé (pronounced “ha-peh”)/hapé nicotine may be a widely abused substance in our modern world, but to many indigenous cultures of the Americas, tobacco is a sacred plant known to cleanse both individuals and ceremonial spaces.  

Rapé is a powerful, cleansing snuff used by shamans in Brazil and Peru and are part of their important medicinal rituals. Rapé is gaining more popularity outside of the Amazon for its medicinal properties, and for people interested to try it. A meditation setting is a beautiful way to connect and experience the support of our ancient ancestors and in connection with the ceremonial cacao, can bring much needed connection to one self, our emotions, feeling grounded, release toxins, and feeling renewed.


Many of us are seeking a holistic approach to mental and emotional health, trying to find ways that are natural, healing, and connected to the earth, our families, work, and communities in a balanced, loving, and peaceful way. If you are interested in experiencing cacao, rapé, or just want to be a part of meditation group you might want to explore this meditation circle.  

All you need to bring is comfortable clothes and a meditation pillow although, we have plenty here. If you have any questions about Ceremonial Cacao or Rapé please take a look at article HERE or you can always reach out at 470.227.0169 with any questions or concerns.

Overall, ceremonial cacao, as any other plant, should be ingested with respect and common sense. Generally, it is not recommended to take ceremonial cacao doses above 55 grams-anything above this dosage is known to produce headaches, “the sweats”, nausea, or even heart palpitations for a small percentage of people. Please, speak to your doctor and DO NOT INGEST CEREMONIAL CACAO if you’re taking antidepressants, have a serious heart condition, or taking hypertension medications. Ceremonial cacao paste contains tryptophan and MAO inhibitors that may cause a synergistic intensification when combined with antidepressants. The theobromine in the cacao can also increase your heart rate significantly and put your life in danger if you have a serious heart condition. Cacao is also a vasodilator, which lowers blood pressure, expands blood vessels and may intensify or interfere with the effects of hypertension medication.

Early Registration!
$45 per session (for both ceremonies)

Saturday, April 27, 10-11:30am

Soul Healing

Healing for the heart, mind, and body.


Awake the divine
feminine in you.

Energy Healing

Feel the energy
flow within you.

Heart Centered Healing

Trust your heart to guide you to wholeness.

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