If you are looking for a meditation and art group for adults, we start anew in September. This group will be 2 ½ hours one Saturday a month.  This meditation and art group is based on a year of Interpersonal Neurobiology group study through sand tray work with Rita Grayson, LPC, RPT-S, and the work with Bonnie Badenoch in a yearlong virtual training and processing in pairs learning about the relational brain and the brain and body connection using drawing and collaging to listen, attend, and providing space for what Bonnie calls, “our inner community” in a nurturing, compassionate, and safe space. There is also integration of family systems and a mindfulness approach to meditation, journaling, and art with my group process.

The group begins with meditation and connecting with the body for grounding and awakening to our internal world. As we begin to open up to our internal world we begin to attune to our “our whole self feels” or “how our whole self-communicates” as we are aware of how our bodies (i.e.: legs, hips, bellies, hearts, throat, face, brain, bones, muscles and many others parts) open up, releasing, sharing, and communicating to heal and transform. We will be journaling after each meditation to develop our awareness of our whole self-communicating with memories, thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations. Each group session we will be sharing and connecting in pairs or in group but not pressured to do so. We will then move into art through collaging resources and then painting/mixed media to allow our inner community to express what needs expression, support, nurturing, soothing, attending, or just needs to be seen. Sometimes we will connect with parts that have been hidden in the shadows, or pushed aside or down into small spaces within. Because there are many intense emotions that can arise during these sessions developing resources through collaging to support your work will be a benefit and supportive process all in a safe and trusting environment.   

The mission for this group is:

  • To provide a place where meditation and art are experienced and the whole self or our inner community can be welcomed, seen, accepted, healed, and integrated.
  • To support a group process where people can develop a connection to their bodies and awaken an inner awareness and relationship with ourselves through  our journaling, collaging and art!
  • To provide a space where people feel SAFE to share, explore and play in community of others. Healing unfolds and expands in relational experience of safety and connection as we meditate, pair up to share experiences, and paint side by side.

Early Registration!
$100 per session (2.5 hours each month)
$45 supply fee (one time only)

Package Special
Purchase 4 sessions now and get one more session (total 5 sessions) for FREE!



2024 DATES

Saturdays, 10am – 12.30pm

January 20
February 17
March 23
April 20
May 18
August 17
September 21
October 19
November 16
December 21

2024 Meditation & Art Group for Adults


  1. To build a meditation practice, developing a deep connection with the whole self while integrating crystal bowls sounds and drumming to support this process.
  2. Meditation and art will bring us together to feel connected, safe in community, and allowing space for whatever wants to show up. All parts of us are welcomed! Meditation will also support grounding that is essential in such a fast-paced world of family life, school, children, homework, and work life and help us to slow down, ground, and connect.
  3. Learn about our inner community and parts through the lens of Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) and creating art to express these relationships.
  4. Learning to perceive our emotions as teachers that can lead or guide us into a deeper understanding of ourselves. 
  5. To support and provide safety to move into uncomfortable experiences, memories, feelings, sensations to heal our inner community through meditation, journaling and art.
  6. Developing and strengthening our inner and outer resources through collaging, drawing, or painting that you keep with you to reinforce support, nurture, protection, safety, and guidance.
  7. We will also develop a spiritual biography, journaling, and art to support our resources beyond ourselves.
Soul Healing

Healing for the heart, mind, and body.


Awake the divine
feminine in you.

Energy Healing

Feel the energy
flow within you.

Heart Centered Healing

Trust your heart to guide you to wholeness.

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