About Meditation

Our meditation is a blend of Buddhism and Taoism practice focused on a Heart Centered Practice. A Heart Centered Practice is the path of the heart releasing, healing, and transforming the energies that we have held on to that cause pain, resistance, fear. As the heart heals we begin to open up allowing love to enter and move us to greater compassion for ourselves and others but also greater self authenticity.  This meditation practice will heighten your awareness to the energies within and around us for the purpose of spiritual cultivation,  mental, emotional, and physical connection, balance, clarity and, overall wellbeing.  

To meet individually for a one hour session is by appointment only:

$130/hour per session

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Why Meditate?

Meditation is a practice that trains your attention and awareness while cultivating mental and emotional clarity and peace. Meditation has been found to decrease heart rate, blood pressure, lactic acid in the blood (which increases anxiety, increase in electrical resistance of the skin (associated with deep relaxation), increase in alpha brain wave activity.  The continued study of meditation has been found to reduce chronic anxiety, worry, and prevent relapses of  three or more episodes depression (Segal, Williams, and Teasdale 2002).  Other long range benefits include: increased focus, increase energy level and productivity, decrease of self criticism, increase accessibility of emotions, heightened self esteem and sense of identity.  So the real question is….why not?

My history with meditation

I came into the practice of meditation after experiencing anxiety attacks in college and continued to expand my meditation practice as a part of my life long process. I have always been open and sensitive to energy so learning meditation has been essential to staying grounded and centered in my physical body. 

Because meditation transformed my life at deeper levels, working in a group for over a decade, and then bringing it into my clinical work with clients and groups, I now have created a program where you can learn to meditate and participate with me and a tribe of individuals who are seeking to learn, ground, heal, and transform their lives. 

If you have already learned to meditate but was challenged to do it on your own you will be able to feel more motivated and connected to do it virtually with others in a container of loving supportive and protective energy.


Set the stage for a
calmer mind.

Energy Healing

Cleanse and release emotional blocks.

Soul Healing

Healing for the heart,
mind, and body.

Heart Centered Healing

Trust your heart to guide you to wholeness.

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